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Shiva Polytubes Pvt Ltd – Best uPVC Pipes manufacturer in Bihar catering to Eastern India since 1994

Availability, cleanliness, and dependability of water are critical, whether the property is being used for residential or commercial purposes. Since the earliest days of time, people have been experimenting with different materials to discover one that works well and guarantees a sufficient supply of water. Water was formerly often transported using metal pipes. But, as is well knowledge, metals are vulnerable to oxidation, rust, and other environmental factors. They didn’t match the ideal plumbing application forms as a consequence. Then came the invention of UPVC Pipes with a wide range of advantages which completely transformed the pipeline sector. 

Shiva Polytubes is known for manufacturing products of exceptional quality while maintaining industry standards and prioritizing precision engineering. 30 years after its inception the company has gained the trust and loyalty of clients across different spheres of business considering its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, which has made it a reliable supplier of piping solutions and uPVC Pipes in the market 


Manufacturing casing pipes, which were crucial for tubewell boring, was Shiva Polytubes Pvt Ltd.’s first venture. To ensure dependability and longevity in groundwater extraction projects, these pipes were painstakingly designed to match the industry’s strict criteria. Acknowledging their dedication to excellence, the company was granted the esteemed BIS Marking Licence in compliance with the updated guidelines for uPVC and screen pipes outlined in IS 12818:2010. Shiva Polytubes manufactures an extensive range of pipes to meet a wide range of applications. The diameter of CM casing pipes ranges from 40 mm to 250 mm, providing flexibility to meet various project needs. Comparably, CS casing pipes come in diameters between 150 and 250 mm, offering choices for a variety of uses. Shiva Polytubes Pvt Ltd. also produces screen pipes with diameters between 40 and 150 mm. These screen pipes are essential to the successful and long-lasting operation of tubewell installations because they guarantee effective groundwater extraction and filtration.

Shiva Polytubes Pvt LTD has a wide variety of pipes available under one roof. Since they recognize the value of efficiency and simplicity in project procurement, they provide the whole range of pipes needed for tube well drilling in one easy-to-find place.

They simplify the purchasing process for their clients by offering a one-stop shop for all tube well pipe requirements. The clients are spared from having to search through several vendors or sources for various kinds of pipes. Rather than dealing with any hassles, customers can count on them with everything they need, including column and screen pipes as well as casing. To guarantee longevity, dependability, and adherence to industry standards, these pipes go through stringent quality inspections. They stand out in the market because of their ability to combine affordability with quality, giving their clients the peace of mind that they are getting the best goods at the best costs. Customers that choose Shiva Polytubes Pvt Ltd may invest in premium pipes for their tube well projects with peace of mind, while also streamlining their procurement process. 
Sri Ramesh Chandra Gupta and Sri Binay Kumar Singh, two visionaries, founded Shiva Polytubes Pvt Ltd with a foundation based on innovation and dedication, to provide its clients with high-quality goods and services. Due to this commitment, the business has flourished and has become a major force in the sector. Shiva Polytubes Pvt Ltd is steadfast in its growth and development, adhering to the vision and principles of its founders while focusing on excellence and customer satisfaction.

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